Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take an X-ray combined with a telescope into space? Now you can with Steer's short film First Light. Partnering with NASA, we shot this 20-minute documentary for its 20th anniversary. Featuring music by Colin Stetson and was shot on location at the Center for Astrophysics Harvard & the Smithsonian. We also developed practical effects at Steer, and the film premiered at the World Science Festival at NYU in 2019.


 The images below were provided by NASA archives.

Scientists were shot on location in Boston, MA.

In order:
Visualization & Emerging Tech Lead - Kim Arcand
Flight Operations Manager - Sabina Hurley
Astrophysicist - Dr. Grant Tremblay

We created both visual and practical effects using float tanks to mimic galaxies. This is the same process that Doug Trumbell used in 2001: Space Odessey, which set the standard for future films such as Interstellar and Tree of Life.