Through Midjourney, I mashed up MIT's Mediated Matter Lab professor, Neri Oxman, and Gucci's Creative Director, Alessandro Michele. As if they were presenting the ultimate collaboration in fashion and what could be a final look of zero-waste product development. Together, they could produce something both seductive and sustainable. This development took off on social media, so I created a site as if this really happened called GUOXCCI.COM. It has a whole catalog and breakdown of what a bio-fasion site could be.

These images revolve around the future of what these two designers could do if they teamed up. It could set a precedent for every other product designer in the world. Because at some point, we will be able to manufacture anything, but the material we choose and how we produce them will be the next pioneering state. Perhaps we will see bioluminescent shoes made out of exoskeleton chitin and purses created with a synthetic nacre (mother of pearl) material like abalone. Or a biologically grown wristwatch that could tell us time in a way that we cannot possibly comprehend now. Maybe even clothing developed with the same strength of spider silk which would never fade. One can only hope.