Dominic Cardoso:

As a passionate storyteller, I have long recognized the power of a strong narrative to shape perspectives, stimulate emotional responses, and influence outcomes. My creative path is distinguished by a distinct blend of art, design, engineering, and science, which has given me the opportunity to collaborate with leading organizations such as NASA, Netflix, Nike, and Nintendo.

Throughout my career, I've led an array of pioneering projects, including the creation and implementation of robotics for Universal Studios in Beijing and Orlando, involvement in the rapid prototyping R&D teams for Oscar-nominated films, and early-stage beta testing of OpenAI's Dalle-2 as an artist. This varied experience enables me to view challenges from multiple angles, find connections between seemingly disparate elements, and weave engrossing narratives that deeply resonate with audiences.

Currently, I'm partnering with a Microsoft affiliate, leading AI and Design initiatives within their Marketing Department. In this role, I'm harnessing the power of prompt engineering to stimulate innovation and reshape the brand's identity, while managing a wide range of responsibilities. This collaboration involves developing a new operational approach, rewriting their story, and laying the groundwork for an innovative business methodology. This initiative is not only creating a benchmark for similar organizations, but it's also revealing the enormous potential that emerges when storytelling and technology intersect.

As the realms of creativity and technology become increasingly intertwined in our rapidly evolving world, I am enthusiastically exploring novel perspectives, taking strategic risks, and navigating toward an exciting future.


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Work and other projects include:

Animax Designs
Bento Box Animation
Disney Imagineering
Grant McCune Designs
LAIKA Aninmation Studios
MIT Media Lab
MO Labs AI
Universal Studios

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