Lingonberry Intelligence

In my role at Lingonberry Intelligence, I help spearhead marketing, creative direction, and sales strategy, highlighting our unique fusion of technology with the charm of lingonberries. Our work spans from impactful GitHub contributions to engaging YouTube content, showcasing our blend of nature and tech.

Additionally, I promote Tenaki, which sits at the fascinating intersection of art, AI, and community. On YouTube as saint009, Tenaki captivates with creative videos, while its AI-powered app on iOS devices enables users to craft extraordinary AI art. This initiative, supported by Lingonberry Intelligence's tech expertise on GitHub, showcases our commitment to merging creativity with technology.

My goal is to streamline our narrative, emphasizing the innovation and creativity at the heart of both Lingonberry Intelligence and Tenaki. By focusing on these core elements, I aim to engage our audience more effectively, driving both interest and sales through a more concise and compelling story.