Wendell and Wild
is an upcoming Netflix animated film directed by Henry Selick (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline) and produced by Jordan Peele. For a year, I designed and produced tools for character motion. Simultaneously, I shot and edited six months of Behind the Scenes content for the Netflix Marketing Team. Set to come out in 2022.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take an X-ray combined with a telescope into space? Now you can with Steer's short film First Light. Partnering with NASA, we shot this 20-minute documentary for its 20th anniversary. Featuring music by Colin Stetson and was shot on location at the Center for Astrophysics Harvard & the Smithsonian. We also developed practical effects at Steer, and the film premiered at the World Science Festival at NYU in 2019.


 The images below were provided by NASA archives.

Scientists were shot on location in Boston, MA.

In order:
Visualization & Emerging Tech Lead - Kim Arcand
Flight Operations Manager - Sabina Hurley
Astrophysicist - Dr. Grant Tremblay

We created both visual and practical effects using float tanks to mimic galaxies. This is the same process that Doug Trumbell used in 2001: Space Odessey, which set the standard for future films such as Interstellar and Tree of Life.


At Animax Designs, we created and delivered entertainment-driven robotics. Some projects included Harry Potter World in Florida, Jurassic World in Beijing, Super Nintendo World in Osaka, and Atom, a Humanoid shown at IAAPA. While
there, I ran the production floor along with managing current installations. I also created marketing content and was part of our Blue Sky R&D team that covered everything from future passion projects to the company’s branding and identity.


Through Midjourney, I mashed up MIT's Mediated Matter Lab professor, Neri Oxman, and Gucci's Creative Director, Alessandro Michele. As if they were presenting the ultimate collaboration in fashion and what could be a final look of zero-waste product development. Together, they could produce something both seductive and sustainable. This development took off on social media, so I created a site as if this really happened called GUOXCCI.COM. It has a whole catalog and breakdown of what a bio-fasion site could be.

These images revolve around the future of what these two designers could do if they teamed up. It could set a precedent for every other product designer in the world. Because at some point, we will be able to manufacture anything, but the material we choose and how we produce them will be the next pioneering state. Perhaps we will see bioluminescent shoes made out of exoskeleton chitin and purses created with a synthetic nacre (mother of pearl) material like abalone. Or a biologically grown wristwatch that could tell us time in a way that we cannot possibly comprehend now. Maybe even clothing developed with the same strength of spider silk which would never fade. One can only hope.


(Artistic Augmented Reality Therapy) was started in 2014, believing that anyone can create art. AARTs mission is to bring one back practicality to an already oversaturated digital world. With the Microsoft Hololens, we were able to help guide one to sculpt in a heuristic approach. The AR tool does not act as a calculator but more like an abacus allowing one's imagination to show them the rest of the way.